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Loveland High School Class of 1965 Directory

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Name Senior Photo Current Photo Current Residence Email Address Facebook
Gamet, Dick

Gates, Gerald

Anchorage, AK

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Gehrig, Jodi  

Geist, Janice

Gibbens, Steve        
Gonzales, Connie

Boston, MA

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Gonzales, Floyd
US Military Veteran
Grebe, Betty

Grebe, Bonnie        
Greenwalt, Francis


Gregg, Kent        
Griffith, Steve    

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Griffith, Steven        
Guerrero, Esther
Gugleman, Darla
Hackenberg, Mary

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Hagedorn, Lois        
Haines, Estella
Harmon, Rick  

 San Diego, CA

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Harper, Don
US Military Veteran


Hart, Joyce
Hausman, Gary
US Military Veteran

Loveland, CO

Hein, Janet
Hennig, Vickie        
Hersh, Bonnie
Highbarger, Vern        
Hirsch, Kathy

Montrose, Colorado

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Hoffman, Dave        
Holliday, Allen        
Hollis, Susan
Howard, Ann
Howard, Cassandra

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Hudson, Bob
US Military Veteran

Cheney, WA

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Hummell, Jerry        
Imel, Sharon


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Irby, Terry        
Irvin, Linda
Irwin, Jane

Isbell, Kathy
Jaag, Toby        
Jackson, Anne
Johnson, Gary

Johnson, Tim        
Jones, Kathy
Karspeck, Selinda


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Karst, Sharon
Keeton, Charles    

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Kelsey, Barby

Wichita, KS

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Kind, Elise        
Kjar, Fred
US Military Veteran

Fred & Julie

Saddlebrooke, AZ

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Kline, Bill
US Military Veteran

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Klitzke, Richard
US Military Veteran
Knaus, Kathy
Koehler, Cheryie
Kottwitz, Scherry        
Kramme, Bev

Fairbanks, AK

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Kretzer, Cary      
Krien, Linda
Kunisch, Bob  

Greeley, CO

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Lanphear, Melvin
US Military Veteran
Lebsack, Allen
US Military Veteran
Lebsack, Joyce

Loveland, CO

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Linneman, Patsy
Lockard, Mervlyn