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Loveland High School Class of 1965 Directory

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Name Senior Photo Current Photo Current Residence Email Address Facebook
Macy, Mike

Magnusson, Ruth

Phoenix, AZ

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Magruder, Robert
US Military Veteran

Maher, Sharon        
Mares, McCoy
US Military Veteran
  Peyton, CO

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Margheim, Doug
US Military Veteran

Martinez, Blanche
Marts, Connie

Matthews, Orin
US Military Veteran
Mayberry, Carol

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McBride, Bill        
McCarthy, Kathy
McConnell, Bill        
McDaneld, Connie
McDonald, John
US Military Veteran
McDonough, Judy

McKelvey, Dennis
US Military Veteran

McMullin, Don        
McMurren. Mike
US Military Veteran

McWethy, Ellen

Meier, Jim
US Military Veteran

Melin, Gordon        
Melton, David        
Miles, Tom        
Miller, Jim
US Military Veteran

Lane Spring, TX

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Miller, Linda
(Van Blerkom)

Naples, FL

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Miller, Ron
US Military Veteran


Mills, Eileen

Milner, Ken
US Military Veteran

Mitchem, Diane        
Monroe, Sharon
Moore, Jane
Moore, Karen        
Moritz, Rod        
Moya, Judy
Moyer, Melvin        
Muhlenbruck, Delores

Neill, Linda
Nicoson, Syd
Niles, Thelma
Nugent, Ed

Baja California Sur Mexico

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O'dell, Glenda
Ohmie, Don

Ornelas, Eleanor


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Pacheco, Janie
Paine, Keith        
Parker, Merlin
US Military Veteran


Parker, Sharon
Patterson, Craig
US Military Veteran

Pedersen, Dave

Peebles, Page

Peterson, Glenn
US Military Veteran
Peterson, Ray        
Piersel, Diane

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Pointer, Nelda
Poynter, Kathy
Proctor, Larry
US Military Veteran
Quaid, Mike        
Radtke, Chris
Ramirez, John
US Military Veteran

Loveland, CO

Reichert, Ron        
Reyes, Sue
Rider, Paula        
Rimer, West      
Robbins, Cathie

Roberts, Jerry      
Roblin, Mike        
Rodeman, Ron        
Roe, Doug
US Military Veteran
Roth, Darlene
Rumfelt, Judy
Russell, Nancy

Loveland, CO

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Rutledge, Mary
Rynearson, Carl